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The core values of E7 form the foundation on which we conduct ourselves. Our core values will always remain constant. They are 
timeless. These values underscore our work and how we interact with each other, our customers, partners and suppliers.


We see integrity as the foundation for all that we do. By holding true to our core values, we will have stronger and more positive relationships with everyone we do business with.


We understand the importance of keeping the promises and commitments that we make. Everyone on our team is committed to being dependable, dedicated and diligent.


We are constantly exploring ideas, methods and approaches that will allow us to better serve our clients. We don’t settle for good enough. We don’t want to just become incrementally better, we want to leap ahead of expectations and create solutions that drive results.


We are relentlessly aimed in the right direction, whether it is solving a client problem, defining requirements, or delivering on time. We will produce results that exceed client expectations.


Combine our Core Values with our technical expertise, professional backgrounds, the determination to
help our clients win (and a good dose of humor) and you have E7

Edmond Delude
Edmond is the founder and CEO of E7 Solutions. With the brain of a engineer, the soul of an entrepreneur, and equal parts creativity and patience, Edmond leads the stellar team at E7. Edmond can be found at his stand-up desk, working to music ranging from ambient to heavy-metal. When he’s not at E7, Edmond most enjoys time with family and friends, finding tranquility in nature, and enjoying a good book or two.
Michael Abdelnour
Solutions Director
Michael is a systems guy. As the DevOps Practice Director, when it comes to servers, infrastructure, and tools he is the master architect behind it all. He brings his energy, positivity, and deep technical experience to all aspects of software application development for E7 clients. Michael is a sports enthusiast and when he's not collaborating with clients, he tries to catch a ballgame or sneak in an early round of golf before his little girls wake up and ask him to play.
Mark Wills
Director of Atlassian Services
Mark leads E7’s rapidly growing Atlassian Services team.  With over 20 years’ experience in technology, he brings technical depth, innovative ideas and best practices to ensure successful delivery of solutions for our clients. Mark’s mantra is to be a “leader,” someone that people want to follow, and not just a “manager,” telling people what to do. When not at E7, you can catch Mark at his daughter’s gymnastics meets, son’s baseball games, or enjoying all that Michigan has to offer.
Ana Galofre
Managing Atlassian Consultant
Ana is a founding member of E7’s Atlassian Services team and a vocal Jira and Confluence evangelist. She brings a diverse background of digital project and product management, marketing, training, business development and operations to both her team and the company at large. She geeks out over data and organization, probably due to the chaos of her home and hobby farm that houses 2 daughters, 2 puppies, 4 cats, 5 chickens and various spunky foster horses.
Brandon Opfermann
Director of Technology
Brandon is completely infatuated with technology and software development. He loves the power that a development team has to accomplish incredible feats with ever increasing efficiency. Brandon is so dedicated to his craft that when he’s not spending time with his family, he even codes in his spare time.
Colleen Richter
Employee Relations Manager
Colleen is an accomplished Certified Human Resource Professional with 25 years expertise in recruiting and hiring practices, policy and procedures, personnel development, retention approaches, legal compliance issues and managerial support.She is very family orientated and stays busy with her daughter’s gymnastics schedule and meets and with her son’s baseball games. Colleen truly believes that if you take care of your employees, they will take care of your business.
Bobbi Lara
Sales and Account Management
Bobbi is the Sales and Account Manager for E7. Having recently departed from a 20 year career in Hotel management, Bobbi has always been intrigued by technology and innovation. Her customer service skills and sales experience make her a great addition to the E7 team. When she’s not working with clients, Bobbi can usually be found watching her 15-year-old daughter on the softball fields, playing board games with her 9 year old twins, or listening to music and baking with her 3 year old son.
Debbie Tamborra
Debbie works behind the scenes at E7 primarily focusing on accounting services for the growing company. Debbie supports the leadership team by providing forward looking financial analysis critical for planning in today’s fast-moving business environment. When not at E7, you will find Debbie playing chauffer to her two daughters, cooking, or curled up with a good book.
Jonathan Madill
Director of Delivery
Jonathan loves the trenches. He is relentless in his pursuit of understanding and implementation of software solutions. He has been managing and leading software teams for more than a dozen years, and loves that agile methodologies allow teams to constantly evolve. His family is his happy place, and he is seeking the mythical unicorn known as “spare time”.


Talent and expertise matter when we consider who to add to our team. But just as important is making sure that our team members have the right personality and cultural fit. People are at the heart of any company, and we take our culture very seriously. We work hard and smart, and have fun doing it.


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Nobody can do it alone. We greatly value our partners and sincerely enjoy working with them.

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